The Twelve(ish) Days of Authors – Day 9, Pippa Jay

26 Dec

Happy St. Stephen’s Day, everyone! Hopefully you’re reading this from somewhere cozy after the festivities yesterday! Where I am, it’s been really cold all week (I’m from a place nicknamed Winterpeg, FYI).

Next up is yet another up-and-coming Burst author, Pippa Jay!


Pippa is a mum to three little monsters, is a scifi author, and is a devoted fan of alternative rock band The Rasmus. Her debut novel – science fiction romance Keir – released from Lyrical Press Inc. in May 2012.

Tell us about Keir and who you think would like it.

Keir is a character-driven science-fiction romance novel with fantasy elements and not too heavy on the tech, so I hope it will appeal to fans of all those genres. It begins in a medieval-style society but transverses several planets with different levels of technology, so there’s a huge range of world building. But Keir himself is NOT your typical hero, so it should appeal to anyone looking for something more than romance.


Where did you get the idea for Keir?

The opening sequence was something I actually dreamt and the rest of the story developed from there, heavily influenced by the music I was listening to at the time.



How would you compare Keir to your other works ?

My other current works are both short stories – 3K and 10K – compared to Keir at 100K. The Bones of the Sea is a straight sci-fi story, based on the idea of the moral dilemma. Terms & Condition Apply is another sci-fi romance story, but much hotter then Keir, and its set on a space station so doesn’t have the same variety of world building or the fantasy elements. Both also have somewhat controversial endings, although Keir isn’t a conventional romance, either.



Tell us a bit about your writing style – is there anything you find really easy or, really hard?

I have a tendency to lapse into purple prose, which my editor slaps me for on a regular basis. I’ve been told I have a talent for world-building, which is also my favourite part of the process. I struggle with dialogue.


What has been the most rewarding part about self-publishing Bones of the Sea and Terms & Condition Apply?

It has to be having total creative control over the whole process. I love working with publishers too, but there’s greater satisfaction in being able to choose your editor and cover designer and to have the final say in it all, although equally more stress. And it gives me the opportunity to do something different from the industry standard and buck the trend a bit.


For you, what makes the difference between a ‘good’ book and a ‘great’ book?

Something that’s so smoothly written it’s seamless, and that really provokes a reaction in me. A story that makes me laugh or cry, and has be thinking about the characters long after I’ve read it is a great one.


Do you have any other projects in the works that we should know about?

I’ve just submitted another science fiction romance short story for an anthology being pioneered by the SFR Brigade – a community of authors dedicated to writing and promoting the genre. I’m also waiting for the first edits for Gethyon, a scifi novel being released by Champagne Books under their BURST Imprint in June 2013.



In the spirit of sharing, tell us about a book by another author you adore.

I love Jaine Fenn – if I can only pick one book it would have to be Principles of Angels, the first book of her Hidden Empire series.


Do you have any favorite couples in fiction?

I love John Chrichton and Aeryn Sun from Farscape. John wasn’t your typical hero, either, at least not at the start, and I really enjoyed the growth and development of his relationship with quiet but kick-ass Aeryn.


What are your favorite topics on a pizza?

Mozzarella, bacon, and chicken


Would you like to leave a shout-out to anyone?

Yes, I’d like to say a huge-thank you to my editor and cover designer, Danielle Fine. She’s been so supportive of all my work and a pleasure to work with. I’d also like to thank fellow Champagne author and friend Misa Buckley who did the fabulous cover for Gethyon and several stunning graphics for me. Lastly to the SFR Brigade – a supportive and hugely talented bunch of authors. 


Care to leave us with an inspiring quote?

“Never give up – never surrender!” ~ Quincy Taggart of Galaxy Quest


Thanks for having me, L.T.!


You’re welcome, Pippa!

Another Christmas has come and gone – but that doesn’t mean we’re all done celebrating! Stay tuned because we haven’t hit all twelve days of authors!  In the meantime though – I hope each and every one of you got at least one good book for Christmas!

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