Writing Resolutions

2 Jan

I might as well jump on the bandwagon.


My usual deal in terms of writing has just been write a novel every year – which I’ve pretty much done consistently post-uni besides last year, but I’m just finishing up the last manuscript. I started a new one for nanowrimo in November but I’m kinda meh about it – honestly, my bigger drive has been working on my digital coloring (for whatever reason, my penciling has gotten way better – it’s like I’m getting more fluid). I think if anything, I need to get quicker with my editing. There’s nothing wrong with letting stuff percolate and get better, but I think I might go over it a few too many times nitpicking.

Most of my ‘what I want to accomplish’ goals are ones that don’t pertain to writing much – last year was a huge change for me as I transitioned from ‘job’ to ‘career’ and I put a major dent in my student loan (the loan which I had most of the money up front, and then life went ‘Ahahahah, oh really?’ about three years ago) but I might as well commit to something concrete:

In 2013, I will:

1) Finish any lingering editing manuscripts that I was working on in 2012.

2) I will write a new novel.

3) I will write a novella in a different genre or subgenre then the novel.

Sounds easy enough, now that I have 346 days to get on it. That lingering editing involves a manuscript I’ve been rewriting all of this year and a bunch of other stuff – heck, now that I think of it, I have a sequel I started two years ago that’s been sitting around in the ‘work on me when you’re not busy pile’ that I don’t think changed a word at all last year. So I guess #1 really is “Clean up your old projects”. This should probably involve me going through my old writing folders on this laptop and organizing. Just the idea of moving things to their rightful spots fills me with dread but, at least my submissions folders are always up to date and organized.


As for reading resolutions – eh, I always say I’m going to get around to reading Brave New World. Maybe this year – maybe not. My kobo ereader is nice – I just discovered I can preview the first chapter of new books on it – but I’ve got a bunch of titles waiting to be read, so we’ll see if I ever get around to Huxley some time this decade.


Ah well – it’s 2013 – let’s see how I look back when we get to 2014. Cheers, everyone.


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