Release Date Hiccup/Free Reads

10 Jan

Tower of Obsidian‘s release date has been postphoned for another month – we ran into some technical issues (I blame shawmail) and none of us wanted to give up on quality so I’ll post something official when it’s up and we’re good. (Well, maybe I wanted to give up on quality a little but the good shoulder angel smacked some sense into me).

I was putting on my thinking cap as to how to keep this blog entertaining – I like to support Canadian-related publishing stuff, so I think one of my things will be to semi-regularly post links to Canadian Sci-fi/Fantasy publishers when they announce information, even if I have no affiliation, but just to keep things in the loop. Anthology announcements, contests, that sort of stuff. That’s not to say if someone is having a fun international contest I won’t pass the message along, but for whatever reason, I’m really partial and like to see the Canadian publishers do well.

Speaking of my publisher, however, a bunch of the authors released an anthology to showcase their work. I have absolutely no affiliation with said anthology (Me write romance? HAH!) and the only thing I know is my beta has something featured in it – I have no idea what, he gave me some stories to look over a few months ago and I don’t even know what made the cut.

You can download them for free on: 1/11, 1/26, 2/25, 3/4, 3/25.

Our imprint is starting a similar collection for the sci-fi writers – it’s going to be months away and I might not even make the cut, but I’ll be sure to let y’all know once I have more information.

So anyway – my book is postphoned but coming soon, I’ve got a few interviews coming up from other Burst/Champagne authors in the next month and I might start rambling sooner than later about random things that get my attention. In the meantime, back to the drafting process – I’m trying to finish this darn novel to start the sci-fi projects. Till next time!

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