I normally try to keep my opinions to myself on some things

11 Feb

But really?

If you didn’t click on the link, a conservation officer shot a wild deer that was kicking it with some Hutterites. Thing is, Manitoba is crawling with deer – come to think of it, last time I was strawberry picking at Connery’s, they had a deer wandering around munching on berries and I was all like, “Eh, I used to live in Charleswood… the deer look both ways across the street before crossing.” The magic of deer wore off some time long ago – they’re about as interesting to me as squirrels now.

Maybe it’s just because I’ve seen over a half-dozen moose and seven black bears this year, but I really don’t think deer are all that dangerous. Furthermore, tons of the guys I know hunt, my partner wants to take up duck hunting because of his dog, so it’s not like I’m opposed to hunting, either (I don’t understand the appeal to be honest when I can go to store and pick up food, but eeeh). This was just an act of arrogance.

I know that it’s a wild animal and should be treated as such… but… really? I’ve had a deer growl at me because I scared it (I was giving it on a path this summer in the City – not in the bush where I should be meeting these critters) but these things usually just run off. If they’re not afraid of humans, it’s not a terrible thing, either.

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