And I wonder why I don’t have TV

28 Feb

This came to my attention from two better authors I follow.  Apparently, there was more, and the Oscars decided they were going to tear down someone in grade school.

Really? Have you no class? I mean, I heard a little bit about the whole ‘boobs‘ thing on the radio the following day, and my response was “Hollywood knew what they were getting when they picked MacFarlane…” because, I guess in a way, I’ve just become accustomed to Hollywood’s incredible double standards (Kind of like how Brave is apparently cutting-edge! But that is another rant) combined with the force of humor I have on day job, stupid kinda bounces off like water-off-a-duck. I was surprised Lincoln didn’t sweep because the establishment likes their historical porn, but it still didn’t change my mind about not seeing Argo. Thankfully, I’m not alone in a world of crazy.

I won’t go into the feminist rant about the sexualization of girls of color. Don’t need to, because it’s been done better elsewhere by people who lived through much of the same. Quvenzhane, I didn’t watch the show (even if I had TV, I probably wouldn’t have). but you didn’t deserve that one iota. I for one am ashamed of the establishment for you. Your movie looks awesome, by the way, so if I can’t find it when I head back to the city on the weekend, I suppose I’ll have to order it from Amazon or something.

FYI, I have a TV, but I have movies and series on DVD, not tv channels.

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