Cover Reveal: The Pact

1 Mar


This one isn’t for me – Graeme Brown is another Winnipeg Author, and he was excited, so he gave me permission to show off his band-new cover.  Don’t know why, but I love the flames. (Must be the inner firefighter). I haven’t read it yet but apparently it’s a novella in the same styling as George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire, so I’m stoked. Check it out on goodreads here.

In other news, I’m hatching a scheme to do a week’s worth of discussing covers – it’s in the works and will start in about three weeks (March 24, provided I don’t get too many hiccups) and Graeme and a few of the other authors have been planning out fantasy chat loops, one is set for March 23, so hopefully it’ll be a quiet night for me and my job, but I’m planning on being there (I originally wrote knight, hah!), I’ll post more details as we get closer to the date. Now, to scheme up some contests…

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