Top Ten Tuesday: Top ten Series I’d Like To Start But Haven’t Yet

5 Mar

So when I was researching book bloggers I stumbled across this – I was kind of busy with work, but things seem to be calming down, so I thought I’d start blogging with this. This is brought to you by Broke and Bookish, but I’ve seen lots of bloggers play along.


This list is by no list comprehensive and in order – I have series I’m still trying to finish (Malazan, House War) and I guess I’ll link to the authors goodreads for the curious. (I suppose I could have linked to the first book in the series, but this is probably a faster way to look over everything).


#10 – Joe Abercrombie The First Law Series: I like the works of Glen Cook and Steven Erikson – from the write-ups they strike me as along that vein.

#9 – N.K. Jemisin Inheritence Trilogy  I know, I’ve yet to read The Shadowed Sun, the reason I picked the duology over the trilogy is I prefer third-person narrators over first-person. Yes, we do exist. Yes, I’ll get around to reading The Shadowed Sun this year.

#8 –  Robin LaFever His Fair Assassin: I can be what’s known as ‘bitchy’ in regards to females who supposedly kick ass, if only because so many times I don’t see the delivery. This one has had promising reviews, so even though there’s a bunch of series I think look like they’re going to be… less then what they promise… I’m actually hoping this series inspires some hope and less cynacism.

#7 – Orson Scott Card Ender’s Saga: I’ve been told everyone says that the first book is awesome then the rest of the books in the series are rather hit and miss, but I gave my brother-in-law a copy of the first book for Christmas, and both he and my sister (the one who doesn’t read) said it was good.  I’ve yet to talk to anyone who read the first book and didn’t like it. I didn’t even hear about it until last year. I either need to read it before the movie comes out or wait; I don’t hold with being trendy (I gave in and read The Hunger Games last year because about seven people demanded to know why I was avoiding it).

#6 – Steven King The Dark Tower: Two people in real life have just gone on and on about this series. I haven’t read much Steven King, I like his work, but I have my preferences. Anyway, this seems like a series of his I’d like.  (And I probably will read more Steven King as I get older).

#5 – Robert Jordan Wheel of Time: I guess I’ll link to Brandon Sanderson as well, but this is one of those series that I’m intimidated because of how many books there are in the series. I mention this to people who like them, and they’re all like, “Yeah, but they’re great!” Consider I once plowed through most of The Discworld books in a year, this shouldn’t be that intimidating… but yeah, I look at some of other series I haven’t finished, but meant to.

#3 – Jacqueline Carey Santa Olivia:  I read the Phedre Trilogy, liked it – read The Sundering Duology – didn’t care for it – I will get around to her werewolf series, I swear. Will I read the Imriel and the other series set in the same world as Phedre? Probably.

#2 – William Gibson Sprawl Trilogy: Apparently this series defined cyberpunk. I wrote a cyberpunk novel two years ago that needs some tweaking. This is, in my mind, essential reading. I have it, and I’ll get around to starting it… soonish.

#1 – Octavia E. Butler Earthseed Duology: I only discovered Butler last year and I’ve only read two books by her – I told myself I’m spacing them out for as long as possible. I don’t know why I want to read these two books more then the Xenogenesis trilogy – but I want to read all of her work, so there.


Honorable mentions go to Jay Kristoff’s The Lotus War and Lloyd Alexander’s Pyrdain Chronicles. This list was very random and was just as it popped into my head. And, I will add that I have about a ton of series that I need to finish, so while I will get on with… some of these books in the next year, I’d like to finish up a couple series before starting new ones.

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