Top Ten Books At The TOP Of My Spring 2013 TBR list!

12 Mar

Brought to you by Broke and Bookish.

Wow, I should really update this more often, heh. In my defense, a bunch of us are working on some chats and things, I’ll let you know when we get closer, I have some programming to work out in the meantime. And I know we’re three months in, but I used to give myself a reading challenge regarding LJ – since it’s Year of the Dragon, and my debut novel has dragons (sort of) in it, I’m planning on reading a novel with dragons in it at least once a month. I know I probably wasn’t officially ‘in’ with February, but to be fair, I was betaing a book that had a dragon in it, so that sort of counts.

Okay, this is a ‘I really need to read this soon’ – I have some of these books, others, I’m waiting for. I can’t guarantee that they’ll be in this order, or if it’s the same priority, but here we go:

1)      1) Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Oh the drama I can cause simply by commenting – I like religious discussion. You’ll see a lot of stuff from numerous sides from me if you follow along what I read.

2)      2) City of Night by Michelle Sagara West

 I’ve been reading this series since an online friend recommended the series to me years ago – yeah, I probably should have picked this book up a few years ago, but up until last year I was kind of broke, so I wasn’t buying all the books I wanted. Lots of rereading though, and that was more then okay with me.  (And I was buying the odd book last year, but I have student loans to pay off). I also have House Name and Skirmish, but I’m only counting her as one.

3)      3) The Pact by Graeme Brown

 Yes, he’s one of the Burst guys I’ve had featured here. I like meeting people and checking out their work. I know – we should judge books based on merit not because we know the people, but it’s his debut and if I can help a fellow newbie by reading and rating, I will.

4)    4)    The Queen’s Pawn by R.J. Hore

 Technically I’ve already read this one, this was the first book I beta’d for R.J. (not the first story, the first full novel). I haven’t seen it in years.

5)   5)    Storm Dancer by Rayne Hall

Saw an add for this one on the My Reading Addiction Tours – it’ll be touring at the same time as mine.  I like epic-fantasy, this one looks like it has a sword-and-sworcery feel, so that’s up my alley.

6)      6) Inheritance by Christopher Paolini

 My little cousin gave me a copy for Christmas. I guess I should read Brisingr first… I honestly haven’t read this series in years, but with my Year of the Dragon theme, hey, why not?

7)      7)Toll the Hounds by Steven Erikson

OOne of my goals is to finish this series this year.  We’ll see if that happens…

8)    8)  Count Zero by William Gibson

 I’m currently reading Neuromancer; I need to read more cyberpunk to finish tweaking a cyberpunk novel I wrote.  Sadly, I’d say most of my science-fiction comes from pulp adventure, movies, and the odd Isaac Asimov story (No novels, just shorts).

9)      9) Heroes at Odds by Moira J. Moore

 As said before – up until last year, I’ve been a little broke. Another series I want to finish this year, but there’s only two left, and I’d like to see how the pieces finally weave together.

110)   Instinct by J.A. Garland

 I’ve been trying to familiarize myself with most of the authors in my imprint, if only because if I’m at an event, hocking my stuff and someone walks up to me and asks what books are like mine, are different, whatever, I can answer without sound too dumb and ignorant as to what everybody writes. I already read one book by her, I’m trying to limit myself to one each to start (unless it’s R.J., because I beta’d that stuff darn it) but I really wanna read this one.

So there you have it – I feel like I should be leaving one out to mention my EKG stuff, but I never counted school-related stuff before. This list is probably grossly innaccurate, but we’ll see.

2 Responses to “Top Ten Books At The TOP Of My Spring 2013 TBR list!”

  1. Heather Geoffries March 12, 2013 at 2:43 am #

    I know another really great Dragon shifter book that I liked…if you wanted to add it to your TBR list:
    Keeper of the Golden Dragon’s heart by Gemma K. Murray. There is communities of different color dragon shifter. So there’s gold, red, blue etc…and there is a whole family of Golden so–I see a series. yay.
    I ❤ dragon shifters. 🙂

    • ltgetty March 12, 2013 at 6:46 pm #

      Good to know! I’ll check it out on goodreads – see if I like it – I can add it to the Dragon Shifter listopia at any rate!

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