30 Mar

I probably shouldn’t be blogging because I’m bagged – I don’t know why, but ever since I’ve had strep (that was last month, heh) I just can’t seem to catch up on my rest, but here goes:


Book Tour here is mostly done – it started off late, which was my fault; when things rain it pours for me, so I’ve been focused on Real Life stuff lately (and, it seems, making dumb mistakes). I just wanted to add that if you comment,  I’m open to sending you an Amazon gift certificate or for another bookstore of your choice (honestly, anyone who takes online payment is fine; I don’t want to be limiting the contests just to Canadians).  So far the reviews I’ve seen have been positive – which is nice, but I’m still working on getting snarkier ones. I dunno; if I’m checking out new titles, I tend to believe them more if someone has something rougher to say (or at least has some beef with it) but I think I’m bound to get the people who’ll hate it, so I shouldn’t go poking for it, either.

I am planning on doing that cover thing when I catch up with my thoughts. I’ve been slated to start blogging for World of the Imagination, starting on my birthday, April 3; so yeah; I think my schtick will probably be stuff that’s more educational in content, because that’s really all I got.  I gotta go poke some of my author peeps anyway.

Ah well – I’m back on duty for this Easter Long Weekend – if you’re Southern Manitoban and don’t have anything to do tomorrow, consider checking out the Brandon Royal Winter Faire – I went two days ago after I wrote a test (didn’t do anything for my self-induced exhaustion) and it was a great time. And no, it’s not a carnie – it’s more like a calm rodeo and educational venue. No bucking, but lots of pretty prancing ponies. (And I bought an incredibly thick leather belt from a guy who *can* make leather EMS holsters, so I’m a very happy camper. A tired one, but eeeh, I’ll get over it). So if you’re going anywhere this weekend, drive safe, be safe, and enjoy time with those you love.

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