No Top Ten Tuesday for me… next week!

2 Apr

I can’t do this week’s Top Ten Tuesday from Broke and Bookish – I know I didn’t do last week’s, but I was kinda busy studying. As for this one – I generally don’t crush on a lot of guys in books. Don’t get me wrong, if it gets adapted into a movie, I will be the first one talking about the choice of actor (Ben Barnes as a 13 year old? It gets a pass because it’s Ben Barnes!), but, if I could play this one: it would probably be like, Gilbert from Anne of Green Gables, and that would be about it. Even though I write characters with gaping flaws, I like nice guys who can banter with me.

So yeah – me and a bunch of others are on a blog, Worlds of the Imagination I’ll be posting once a week, looks like Wednesdays, starting tomorrow, which is also when I officially leave my twenties behind. Not as far as I wanted to be in terms of my life, but I did get my career underway and I was published in my twenties, so yeah: you win some, you lose some. I’m going to be focused on a few educational documents for the sake of world-building, but I’ll be doing some interviews after I work out a template the others will be okay with. So if there’s something you’d like discussed, let me know – I’m a new author, but I do know people who know things, so I can always have them appear as a guest or something.

Also, this sight is my new favorite thing. It’s really only good if you like figure drawing, but I like that I have to work so fast to warm up. (No, I’m not posting any sketches right now).

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