Winter isn’t Coming; It just fills us with false hope for spring

2 May

So yesterday was the first time I got prevented to going to work from road closure – apparently, we had something like 35cm of snow yesterday. This pic is from the motel I stayed at last night, where it wasn’t so bad – things are melting but it’s May, and… snowing.


Actually, it’s not that bad; roads are way better then they were yesterday, but still.

So not doing anything for Canada’s image of things other than igloos and polar bears.

Ah well. Dodger (the puppy from a few weeks ago) is doing well, despite the change in surroundings. The funny thing was I was I took off my jacket on Sunday, and everyone was in shorts pretty much, and now I’m back in my parka and mukluks. He continues to be a sense of joy and wonder (see pic below).

So anyway – a bunch of us are doing a chat May 3, this Friday, at the Love Romance Cafe loop – come and ask us some questions, it’ll be all day, so I’ll be popping in periodically. If you have something you’d like to discuss, there’s seven of us in total (R.J. Hore, Graeme Brown, Audra Middleton, Dani Collins, Cassiel Knight, Rita Bay, and Yours Truly) and I know I’m giving away an e-copy of Tower of Obsidian – think most of the rest are giving away a copy of their too, but a few of them have multiple titles. Go register, it’ll be fun. I promise just because it says Cafe I won’t have coffee; the others won’t let me.

Lappup “I’ll show you a laptop!!!”

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