777 Challenge / Sci-Fi Fangirl Cometh

4 Jul

So fellow Burst author Audra Middleton had an idea for a meme – for as many days as possible for the month of July, we over at Worlds of the Imagination and as many guests as we can, are posting WIP’s of a speculative nature – but only seven lines, on page seven or seventy-seven seven lines down.  I cheated because the scene in question is short but it’s close enough.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, Champagne/Burst is based out of High River, which is apparently the worst place effected by that flood. To the best of my knowledge, Ellen’s back in the office but you’ll have to check out our publisher’s page for more info as it becomes available.

In other news, I finally saw the new Riddick Trailer – I don’t even know why I like those movies as much as I do; effectively they’re Conan in Space, but that might be why I enjoy it. I also just saw the movie Iron Sky – which is a movie about Moon Nazis and Sarah Palin is president. If that doesn’t sound interesting to you, nothing more I can say will change that – but if you got a hankering for something… different… I say check it out.

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