I shouldn’t whine about how hard promo is and never update, heh

11 Aug

To be fair though, the WOTI site keeps me busy, but I think I’m going to have to pick something to keep me regular here.

Not at When Words Collide this year – I know, I said I was gonna go, but something came up at the last minute and I pulled out – but apparently things are going very well in accordance to the people I know who are going, so hopefully life will calm down a bit next summer. I have a ton of work to get done before Comic Con anyway. But if you happen to be in the Calgary area – go check out Ellen’s table. Ron and Graeme are both there – not sure about the others from that area, but apparently this is the big “if you want to be taken seriously” convention to go to for your writing peers,  Oh well – the reason for my pulling out is a relatively small chunk of time, and it’s gorgeous and warm (finally!) so I got to enjoy the lake yesterday with some kayaking.

I’m doing another Book Blog Tour – this time with Pump Up Your Books, so stay tuned for September. It seems to be easier and easier to get reviews now, but I dunno – the first few were hard. The cycle, of course, is that I imagine people don’t trust reviews from friends (my friends who read tend to be snarky and they will be honest, but still, it’s pretty obvious they know me) and when you’re nobody, why should anyone bother reading your book over someone else’s? Once the first few reviews are out though, it’s don’t take my word for it.

Once again though, I think it’s best to think about this in terms of the big picture – and keep writing in the meantime. Or stop editing and send away, but, you know, nerves. I finally finished Gibson’s Sprawl Trilogy, so I’m going to stop playing with Terran by month’s end and send it. I’m on vacation last week in August, so no excuses.

Well, this is me, so excuses seem to just flow so well sometimes…

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