30 Day Book Meme: Day 1

16 Aug

So I was stalking on goodreads and I found someone doing a daily challenge – I figure hey: It’ll get me back into the groove of updating regularly. I know: I should be doing Top 10 Tuesdays, so I’ll probably work those in as well.


Day 01 – Best book you read last year


I first heard about Octavia E. Butler on a list of POC science-fiction and fantasy writers, and she was the only one I never heard of.

WHY DID I NEVER HEAR OF HER BEFORE??? WHY DID IT TAKE ME ALMOST THIRTY YEARS TO DISCOVER THIS WOMAN?  Don’t get me wrong – I’ve read a few of her novels now and I think some of her work is better than others (I adored Blood Child, but I lowered its rating once I read Wild Seed). And quite frankly, this is all about eugenics and it’s enough to make me squick.

But it’s good. It’s not just about the science-fiction, it’s about the character – it actualizes its plot based on the dilemma it creates, and the novel is really about the power struggle between the two immortal characters. I am still reading this series (I’m trying to drag it out) but if you only take one recommendation from me in ever, go read this book. It’s on my very short list of perfect novels.

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