Daily Book Challenge: Day 4

18 Aug

Day 04 – Favorite book of your favorite series

Apparently I should read ahead and plan before picking six different series. How about, here’s 10 series I like, and I tell you my favorite and briefly why?

The Song of the Lioness Quartette – Alanna: The First Adventure

Normally, first titles in a sequence have a tough job. From my own experience, you not only have to hook your reader almost from the get-go, you have to build your world (moreso in science-fiction, fantasy, and historical pieces) but this novel was geared at me when I was done reading Burroughs and I wanted a female heroine to go on adventures. The reason I liked this one the most? It was the least preachy – and in hindsight, I know why Pierce probably made the choices she did, but it’s like when you’re a kid reading Narnia. You don’t care about The Symbolism and real world implications, which is weird, because as an adult, I really do care about the messages that are in kids’ books.

Malazan Book of the Fallen – Deadhouse Gates

I’m still reading this series so I was all kind of ‘should I have it on the list if I don’t know how it ends?’ but I figured what the hey. This is a more complex fantasy series that follows its implications, if you haven’t read it, check it out. Why Deadhouse Gates? I read Gardens of the Moon and I was confused. I never understood it when people said that about books, but Gardens of the Moon just throws so much stuff at you – it probably didn’t help that I was up to my elbows in chordate zoology when I first attempted this novel, so I was having a hard time keeping track of things. Deadhouse Gates seemed to slow down just a mite, and I was able to really sink my teeth into the series.

The Sun Sword Series – The Sun Sword

This is another cheat – I didn’t care much for the Sacred Hunt Duology that proceeded it and I’m still reading the House War series that are kind of co/after the Sun Sword. I like this series for many reasons – I love the different cultures Sagara West creates, and while I enjoyed all of the books to some extent (some more than others) and the story ended very satisfactorily for numerous characters – and Jewel’s story continues on in the House War sequence (It’s 5 books as of now, I’m guessing it’s still going).

Narnia – Voyage of the Dawn Treader

I found Lewis’s more overtly religious books in the sequence sucky when I was a kid, but now as an adult, I enjoy them. Most of me is reminded to remember one’s audience when writing books – but I loved Dawn Treader both then and now. I’m not saying it fixed Prince Caspian, but it was a great adventure and as an adult, I enjoy what Lewis’ is really getting at (at least, in my own mind). If I had to pick a second, it would be The Silver Chair solely because of Puddleglum. In hindsight, I think I might like Lewis for when his characters are either behaving badly, miserable, or just up to no good.

Discworld – Witches Abroad

I know I didn’t mention it yesterday – but I’ve read most of the series, I haven’t read the newer books in a while (It’s a thing with me – I like to have matching covers so if I start hardcover, I end hardcover; start paperback, end paperback, and preferably in the same style of cover, I get bitchy if the set doesn’t match) and I was having a hard time picking a favorite. I think Witches Abroad stood out for me because of the sequence where we meet Granny Weatherwax’s sister, and one had to be a good witch, and one had to be a bad witch. I won’t spoil it, but I loved the climax of this story. I would have liked Magrat to keep the wand at the end, of course, but whatever.

Dune – Dune

I had no idea how much this series influence me until I reread the series about five years ago; I had a friend looking over a novel and said, “This part reminds me of Dune.” and I said, “Yeah, I read those books a long time ago.” (I was a kid – just because I could read them doesn’t mean I understood a thing).

A Song of Ice and Fire – A Storm of Swords

Because lots of characters died. That’s why. I haven’t read DwD yet, (once again, a cover thing) I’ll get on it eventually.

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