Daily Book Challenge: Day 6

21 Aug

Day 06 – A book that makes you sad

The Works of Hans Christian Anderson (Matchstick Girl, The Little Mermaid)

I wasn’t sure how to answer this at first – I thought about something like Les Miserables or The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and I was leaning towards Phantom of the Opera (book form only!) but the thing is, they don’t particularly make me sad. I was going to say how many it’s just that I escape through fiction and no matter what the character is going through – I’d rather be in their world with them and forget how rough things can be here some times.

Even though Anderson did write other stories like The Snow Queen, which ends on a happy note, I figured the saddest endings are his more famous stories. Notably, a lot of the ‘best’ works in series often ends when the villain wins, (think Star Wars) but they end on a hopeful note. With Anderson, his only works if you have faith in a higher power – and I guess for me in particular right now, that’s the reason I can find them sad.

When you have the works of Hugo, you can at least argue that Jean Valjean had a redemption arc in his life. Erik was messed up, but he willingly let Christine go. Granted, there has to be some suspension of belief to entertain the idea of mermaids to begin with. As said previously – I’m a believing Christian – so it should be easy to accept that a bigger picture is what it’s about.

But for living in the here and now, especially on days like this, it can be really hard – even though you know some of this stuff isn’t going to matter in a few years. I suppose that’s why it’s called faith though – faith for it’s own sake, and not for the sake of gain or reward, but doing what’s right in the bigger picture even if you feel like you’re the only one who even sees it that way.

My INTJ-ness is slipping.

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