Daily Book Challenge: Day 8

22 Aug

Day 08 – Most overrated book


It’s Gnosticism, people, not atheism. I know, atheism is technically a huge group of ideas, but my Keep It Simple Stupid definition of atheism s effectively naturalism – and I know there is a little bit of interpretation towards the natural world we can’t experience, even with our technology – but this series? Gnosticism.

I’m not going to bitch about how you shouldn’t leave the climatic action off screen – unless you wrote yourself into a hole and you have a first-person narrator and they happen to not witness it. I can do this for lots of books. This was probably what made me snarl the most, but here’s my simplified beefs:  

Don’t like Narnia? Fine – but don’t go on about how racist Lewis is and then have the multiverse saved by a white girl and boy. Don’t make your main character a liar and try to tell me ‘the truth’. Don’t create awesome armored polar-bears and then hardly include them in the last book.  This series had some fantastic ideas – I have the feeling it’s because I don’t like Will and Lyra’s characters, because some of the characters (Mrs. Coulter, Iorek) were great.  However, I think what’s telling is how in a book effectively slamming Christianity hardly has reference of Jesus in it. I know the author has written something specifically dealing with Jesus – I might get around to reading it one of these decades.

“Is your religion showing?” Possibly – I recall this same defense called when I said The Da Vinci Code was poorly written, so you decide.

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