Daily Book Challenge – Day 16

31 Aug

This is late and I’m full of good excuses. I’ll wait a bit and do the Day 17 bit, I don’t have to think about it or why I like it so much.

I was having a hard time coming up with any female characters I liked that weren’t super young – for whatever reason, I find a lot of heroines go through an annoying phase when they reach puberty.

I’m trying not to gush over my own work and the characters I’d mention would be in unpublished work anyway. But then I resaw my graphic novel copy of Guards!Guards! and I remembered Terry Pratchett. He has so many wonderful characters to chose from – male and female, but I picked Granny Weatherwax. She’s cranky. She’s opinionated. She won’t admit her ignorance. I will strive to be like her, when I’m older, though I have the feeling I’m more of a Gytha Ogg. I think this is an example of an uncompromising character done right – it’s hinted that the woman isn’t perfect, but that’s not the point. One of my favorite scenes with her is in Witches Abroad and she confronts her sister – the self-acclaimed good-witch. It’s not my favorite of the Discworld Set, but Granny Weatherwax wins basically because of that scene – and it’s not like she is done merely with other witches and wizards – she battles vampires, fairies and all sorts of denizens threatening Lancre, and I’m thuroughly entertained every time.

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