Daily Book Meme: Day 18

3 Sep

Playing Catch-Up. Go check out this post, I wrote it last minute last night after playing hooky to about a dozen emails (well, I’m on vacation, so technically…) , so hopefully I’m somewhat comprehensive. 

Day 18 – A book that disappointed you


I started reading this series when I was in Uni – probably too busy to really be reading all that much, but I still tried. I lost interest in the first book (Rhapsody) until a friend of mine was going on about what a Mary Sue Rhapsody was. I picked it up again and got through the rough patches, and despite myself, my heart of darkness and general snarky attitude, I kind of enjoyed the first trilogy. Yes, Rhapsody is a giant Mary-Sue and the focus of this story is her and Ashe hooking up, but beyond that, it’s entertaining and I find it a light read – the world is still relatively interesting, and while I’m not going to say this is my favorite series and bemoan a book I didn’t like, if Haydon ever gets around to finishing the sequel to Assassin King, I’ll probably pick it up and keep reading the series, just to see where it goes.

So the first trilogy, once I got into it, warmed me over. Then the hero and heroine got married…  uh, twice…

The plot for the first book in the sequel series: Rhapsody wants a baby – having a prophecized part-dragon Child of Time leaves the powerful Lady Cymrian weakened. The idea of a former obsessed-admirer stealing her away? Great story idea, let’s see her get revirgined again… 

Besides the question of “How did Michael survive and only know about her now?” and the forced-weakness in order to make her be able to be kidnapped in the first place… yeah. I don’t like it when plots seemed forced, and while Achmed, one of my favorite characters who had a real plot to deal with, we focused on Rhaps and Michael, who wasn’t that good of a villain in the first place, and all of a sudden, making him possessed and all that seemed really far-fetched – I would have bought it if he was a threat in the original trilogy or he was some ambassador that fell head over heels (this happened all the time anyway). The plot was there but the execution wasn’t – Rhapsody spent most of the time in a small enclave fighting off waves, Michael randomly started to kill all men in thoughts that they might be Ashe. I really take issue when things just pop up in sequences – and I get it – sometimes, people wouldn’t be referenced, but it was jarring, and the whole purpose of Rhaps sort-of escaping is so that her lady-parts were only to be enjoyed by her husband. I think the story had potential, but it just didn’t do it for me. The next two books in the sequence weren’t as bad, but I think the strongest books were the original trilogy.  

I think my main issue with this series is, this is one of those cases where the series isn’t meant for me as a demographic, but I continue to read them anyway.  If Rhapsody was turned into a sex-slave for an obsessed pervert, I think the fans the series is meant for would probably bemoan louder than I could any day.

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