Daily Book Meme: Day 19

4 Sep

Day 19 – Favorite book turned into a movie

The Lord of the Rings

I like the Lord of the Rings, even though I’m definitely not the biggest Tolkien Purist – which is probably why I enjoy the movies so much, even though I’ll be one of the first to admit that they have their flaws. I think adaptation is tricky, because oftentimes, even with stories that have relatively universal stories and characters, the age of the work does show, and most film makers need their films to be viable in a current market situation so that they can continue work. I could get into the nitnoids of choices, but overall, I really enjoy these films.

The Peter Jackson series fixed fantasy movies. Don’t get me wrong – we still got stinkers and  bad adaptations since then, and I’d still argue that fantasy films are still treated as lesser than their science-fiction counterparts on the whole, but let’s look at some pre-2001 fantasy films via Youtube, shall we?


 They’re not all bad, I really liked this next one growing up – in fact, many of these movies I enjoyed.

Now, let’s look at a LotR Trailer:

LOTR took itself seriously – and I think it shows in other genres – and maybe it was because LOTR and the first Harry Potter movies came out that adaptation became more sophisticated, but I see it in other genres –  Superhero movies were also very hit and miss, and generally, I think those films have taken themselves more seriously as well.

Now, I’m also going to acknowledge that I’m not sure how they’re going to drag out The Hobbit into three films, but on the whole, I don’t mind so much.

And I would like to see more adaptations of Discworld:

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