Daily Book Meme: Day 20

4 Sep

I’m almost caught up – yay!!


Day 20 – Favorite romance book

I don’t like romance novels as a whole – I find it’s really hard to keep the focus on ‘will they won’t they’ when it’s very obvious that they will – we’ve tended to stay away from tragedies in today’s culture as a whole. I like romance in books that have a plot going for them, and even if it’s obvious who the couple is, so long as we’re not being teased with, “He spied on her bathing, the thought of which would normally make her embarrassed, made her smile – the thought of anyone knowing would mortify, much less readers everywhere.”

I did however like this love-story:


What? Sharing the small-press author love. Watcher is the kind of story I think will appeal to most readers in the fantasy genre – you can call it YA or NA, the story is simple but timeless. And Audra’s fun to work with over at WOTI.

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