Dragon! / Moar Goodreads thoughts

7 Oct

Sorry for the promise of discussions and dropping off the face of the earth – between this cold, my ACLS course and family goings on, I’ve been a busy little goomba. Also, been planning for C4 Comic Con so that’s been taking up a huge chunk of my time – here’s the finished picture of the dragon I commissioned Ingrid Glaw to do for the con (B & W), scaled down to fit most browsers:


And here’s the picture colored by the very talented Jazmyn:


So I played around with it, here’s some of the rejected designs for the temp tattoo:


And here’s the one that we’re going to have at C4:


I actually was wanting to do “Climb the Tower” in that grey-to-black font, but the guys hated it, so I decided to go with something that just says the title and is easy to see. Well – we’ll see if it’s easy to see – the tattoo s only about 2”x2”, so let’s just say yay for learning. At the very least, people will have a nice dragon tattoo with some blurry writing on it.

So yeah – I know there was mass exodus on Goodreads towards Book likes and people have been instead writing reviews in protest of the new rules, which is… interesting. I think a lot’s been said that doesn’t need to be repeating, so I think I’ll just finish it off with a few thoughts:

If, by the method of “I’m going to rate this book because I don’t like the content/author” would the inverse apply? Such as, “The writing was trash, but it supports my cause.” Or “This author was really cool and went over my manuscript with me – their book is awesome-sauce. Have I read it? NOPE.”

As far as I can tell – it’s never good for an artist to really get involved with the mechanics of why people say this or that. And while I’d prefer it if people judged the book based on the mechanics and/or how well it’s done, I think one cannot overlook the content – I mean, it’s part of the overall package. I might be the best darn waffle-decorating chef, but I still need a waffle to decorate. (I am not a waffle decorator, btw). That being said, I still think every individual is entitled to their opinion, even if that opinion is objectively incorrect. It is solely their opinion – and I know there have been things I don’t like that I’ll defend because the person critiquing them is critiquing them stupidly. I think the only danger here lies in when fandom starts attacking other members of that fandom – and while I think that it’s not reasonable to assume everyone will get along all the time, I still think that if Goodreads wants to remain neutral territory where anyone can comment or critique anything, that at the very least this discussion about censorship is a step in the right direction. I still think producers of art and receivers of art can be in the same space, and I think a big part of that is that the artist has to accept that people will interpret their art on an individual level every time.

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