Book Tours/Still hate this new computer

23 Mar

First world problems aside, I’ll stop whining when I can post this without a page being hijacked, and my keyboard actually responds. Until then, CAPSLOCK RAGE. Seriously though, if I wanted the cutesie mac stuff, I would have bought a mac. Windows 8 blows.


And me and a few other of the Burst Authors are doing a group Book Tour – I’ll hotlink later, here’s the banner:



Fantasy Banner

I’ll let you know when I have more details – methinks I need to get more stuff under contract because I look like a total slacker with one title from last year.

C4 is in a week – check it out if you’ll be in Winnipeg next weekend. I went last year and for a chick who was mostly behind a table, I had fun. I’m doing someone a favor for work, so I’ll only be there on Sunday. My books will still be there, if anyone is interested.

And I did finally see Frozen a few days ago – Ill have to wait to see The Wind Rises because I’ve been too busy to see it in theatres while it was still showing (dangit) but I should rewatch Frozen before comparing them. I might have stuff to talk about/rant in the meantime, though…

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