Writing Process Blog Hop/2014 C4 Lit Fest

31 Mar

Made it to the latter half of the C4 Lit fest – let’s just say that I’m getting tired and I’ll talk about it tomorrow. It didn’t seem as busy as last year, but we had Junos to compete, so my guess is that they won.

I got tagged by Rita Bay, and I tag Audra Middleton ,Jenn Nixon, and I’ll tag the third person when they respond to my email.


 The Writing Process

What am I working on?

Finishing up a sword and sorcery tale; sort-of started on this steampunk/horror short. And by short I mean I want it to be novella length.iI kind of have this thing where I’m trying to write shorter novels so I’m more focused.  I’ve already written a steampunk story (my first true middle-grade) but for this one I read Dangerous Liaisons for inspirations. t’s going to be more messed up then usual.

How is my work diferent from everyone else’s?

I write “quirky” characters who are intrinsically flawed because I find them more interesting. I also very seldom give into trends.  I like to ignore the unwritten rule that you have to find your protagonist likeable. I also have an inappropriate sense of humor.

Why do I write what I do?

I find writing can be a one-sided argument, but if I’m completely honest, I find that it’s sometimes the only way I can get a word in without having what I just said be misconstrued.

Read that into a debut novel about interpretation of story, I dares ya.

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