C4 Lit Fest Recaps

1 Apr

Before I go on about C4, I’d just like to give a shout out to several nominees regarding the Manitoba Book Awards – you know who you are.

And on that note, go vote for a Canadian at the Aurora Awards. And if you’re thinking to yourself, “Well, I don’t know any Canadians to vote for.” Look at that Manitoba Book Awards Link. Look below to some of the people I was with at the C4 Literary Festival. You have some homework in the meantime.

On to C4!  Don’t know how it went on Saturday, as I almost got stuck in Portage la Prairie Saturday night after my shift. The roads were awful, and even though I know it’s spring, apparently some parts of the continent are being pummelled, so please try to be safe if you’re going anywhere.

I had a lot of fun on Sunday – it seems to me that a lot of the locals, and in particular in the YA Paranormal/Urban fantasy that many authors are for their first choice turning to self-pubbing, which is a topic in and of itself and I think I’ll write about it tomorrow. My beta won an award for Best Speculative Fiction, but I wasn’t at the awards so I’m not sure about who else won. Here’s some of the others I met on Sunday:


Book Bloggers – Book 2 Book Met them very briefly – seemed like very nice people. I’m not sure if the other book bloggers were around, or if they ran off to the Junos. Yes, we had to compete with them on Sunday. I think I got every body here, if I missed you, please let me know:


JulImmortalRules Guest of Honor – Julie Kagawa. We sat on a few panels together (I panel crashed the first one, though she introduced herself when I walked in with my shinai and made it known I was going to be talking about fight sequences). Seems to write mostly paranormal/urban fantasy YA, her first series being about the fae, the latter series (pictured) about vampires. She’s very nice, not to mention actively practices kali, which is a Filipino study of the sword. Now, if anyone who was there thinks I’m some sort of kendo badass, I was trying to point out I haven’t been active since I went back to school (though I’d like to) she’d probably win.

RhiDeathsentenceRhiannon Paille – Local author, I’m more familiar with her more fantasy series (more fantasy? Last Ciry on Earth seems like it’s still fantasy, but more dystopia fantasy… getting off topic) we were on a panel together on discussing Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. I read Surrender and its sequel Justice and I wouldn’t have initially classified them as YA, but I can see why she did.

FuchsdiscoveryA.P. Fuchs – local author of the Axiom Man series, seems to enjoy the dark/horror side of things (zombies, vampires).I’ve been to a few events with him, he helps educate those interested in the self-publishing route.

GMBG.M.B. Chomichuk – Artist/writer for his graphic novels, we were on a panel together discussing Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey.

brokenpieces Rachel Thomas – our resident non-fiction writer, I sat on a panel with Rachel and we talked about what when we write isn’t popular. It was a good panel and I think at one point in time, she thought she offended me. She doesn’t know me very well, so Rachel, if you’re reading this, if you want to offend me, you’ll have to try harder. She spoke a bit about branding and the hybrid publishing tactic.

DarkDaysR.J. Hore – I know Ron so I won’t bore you with anything other then that The Dark Lady is now a trilogy.

ALLISONCOSGROVEAllison Cosgrove – I have not yet read anything by Allison, but it sounds to me like her books are not for the faint of heart when I learned about all the research she did in cults and ritualistic sacrifice on our panel together for Myths, Legends and Ancient Cultures.

7 Gen-coverScott B. Henderson/David Robertson – They’re different people, I’m just being lazy – these two produce some absolutely gorgeous art. I picked up The book of Ezra at Comic Con a few years ago – a lot of their stuff seems less fanciful, more realistic but I really need to catch up on my graphic novels.

LizWar Lizzy Ford – YA paranormal/urban fantasy writer with over seventeen published novels to her name, probably having something to do with the fact that she can produce a full novel in less than two months.

sue Susan Thomas – Author of a novel about when adults go a little too far at band camp. I was always in art in highschool, myself…

Sierdirtyshane Sierra Dean – Urban Fantasy/YA MB writer, we did an author reading panel together.

I also bought some art by a local artist, but I’ll post the link to her tomorrow. It’s pretty watercolors, you’ll like it when I get my phone back to take some pictures.

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