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22 Apr

Almost completely moved into my new place – I started a term position at the beginning of this month, so let’s just say it’s been busy. I lucked out and got a place right on base and it’s a lot more space then I’m used to. The dog loves it so far, though yesterday he was playing with one of his new little furry friends and didn’t watch where he was going, so he ended up in a ditch full of water. Is it wrong my reaction was cackling? (He likes to swim and it’s relatively warm out for a change; I’m not that heartless… well, maybe…)

Ah well – waiting on a little bit more furniture, and I have to purge books. I usually donate to the fire halls in Winnipeg because they’re doing another book sale for the Children’s Hospital end of this month at St. Vital – I’ve volunteered before but I’ll be at Fan Expo in Regina with my Publisher – first Con out of Province, we’ll see how this term plays out before I agree to any more. R.J. Hore will be at Keycon, and I’ll be there on Sunday, and I need to wheel and deal to get more time off. I don’t know why, but I always get stuck working May Long.

Our Multiple Author Book Tour is almost over – you have another three days to go and enter and you can win five surprise ebooks from my publisher. I had some fun writing my guest posts even though I’ve been insanely busy trying to hang up my pictures and mirrors without them being crooked with varying success. I’m doing a straight-up review tour starting in June, so if you’re interested in the book and you want to win an Amazon GC, go here and sign up.

2 Responses to “Tours N Reviews N Things”

  1. Holly Geely April 23, 2014 at 1:47 pm #

    It’s almost impossible to keep the dog dry at this time of year, but a ditch full of it sounds like a pain! I bet it was cute, though.

    • ltgetty April 23, 2014 at 3:45 pm #

      Heh – yeah, but he got a bath and it wasn’t so bad. I take him to the beach sometimes so I got a system.

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