FanExpo Regina / I like Unicorns

5 May


That’s all the pictures you get in this post, sorry. One of yours truly taken by her awesome sister, who came with her last minute for the five and a half-hour drive. I’m a medic so I’m used to long drives, but she was a trooper. My publisher had to pull out but she said I could still use the table if I so chose, so I so chose and a huge thank-you to R.J. Hore who loaned me the Burst Sign and his merchandise so I didn’t look like a one-trick pony.


Had a really good time – met Peter S. Beagle, and got a signed copy of his graphic novel adaptation of The Last Unicorn – they are doing a movie screening tonight at Silver City St. Vital at 7 pm tonight, after which the author and his team will be there, he’ll answer questions and sign books. Alas, I am prebooked with Kayaking Roll lessons so I can’t be there. He looks like he’s been busy touring – check out his facebook page if you want to see if he’ll be near you.

Never did a fan expo or even a convention outside of Winnipeg before, but if we hadn’t done C4’s Comic Con, LitFest and Keycon I would have been way over my head. The people of Regina are very nice and welcoming, and let’s just say we made it almost the entire weekend before the football rivalry sparked up, but we have an NHL team so it was all friendly-rivalry from where I was standing. From my perspective,¬†FanExpo was well-organized but my publisher made all the arrangements, I just had to show up and tell people why my book is way more awesome-sauce then say, any of Ron’s but if people were interested I told them a little bit about Champagne/Burst/Carnal Passions. Thank you to everyone I met over the weekend – I had a great trip and I hope that those of you who picked up a copy of Tower of Obsidian are enjoying it.

I got a tired puppy to deal with and some groceries before I go pick up some kayaks, and I think I left all my jeans in Southport, so thankfully it’ll stay a nice day and I can wear my shorts until I get back home tonight. Until next time~

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