Favorite Adaptations – and Why

16 Jun

Huge thank you to Straight From the Library for the first review of this tour – I’ll keep my answer brief, a picture below, please don’t look if you’re squeamish; I sometimes talk about my job with the civvies and I start grossing people out. Basically I plead stupid as to why I’m being so brief.

As of right now, I’d say my favorite movie adaptation is the Lord of the Rings movies. I don’t think they’re perfect by any means, but I watch them yearly with my dad and I’m constantly noticing new things in the background.

Another favorite adaptation is the graphic novel of The Last Unicorn, which I got signed just a month ago by Peter S. Beagle – the art in it is beautiful, and it follows the book a little bit closer then the animated film. I also adore that film – mostly because of That Tree. You know of what I speak.

Okay – picture below. It’s not that bad but don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Why don’t I want to elaborate?

















Baby’s first stitches. This also hallmarks my first non-sport or non-driving injury; I was doing a unit check and wasn’t paying attention and slammed my finger in the side door of the ambulance (which I found out later is spring-loaded and is a way more common injury then I anticipated). I didn’t want stitches, but the doc said due to my job, it was better to be safe then sorry. It was interesting getting my finger frozen though. Closest I had to that before was getting my wisdom teeth pulled. Anyhew – my fingers are still bruised but it doesn’t hurt to type anymore, but what remains wounded deepest is my pride.

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