Cultural Goings-On in Winnipeg: September Edition

15 Sep

This is by no means a comprehensive list, however, I found myself getting excited for the next few weeks and I realized there’s lots for us artsy-reader types in Winnipeg. If you know something’s coming up and it’s in Manitoba or at least something we could drive to within a few hours, please post (and yes, I know Thompson has had Thin-Air things in the past, and that’s an 8-hour drive from Ze Peg, but I like promoting local stuff when I can).

The Canadian International Museum of Human Rights
opens this week(finally) – I’m going on Saturday with some friends. If they let me take pictures inside, I’ll post some next week some time. And yes, I’m one of those cynics who want to know what sort of human rights we could have accomplished in lieu of a museum for the price, but I’m a jerk like that.

Thin Air: Manitoba’s Writer Festival – I haven’t been to many events in a few years (some were financial, some were time) but I went to quite a few held at the University of Winnipeg when I was a student, additionally if I knew an author I’d go. My grandmother was a huge Margaret Atwood fan, and she came a few years ago and we didn’t go because of reasons on the other side of the family – I knew she knew because grandma dropped hints – and I’m always kind of sad that I never got to take her. Anyway – Atwood came last year for the RBC’s production of The Handmaid’s Tale so I doubt she’ll be back this year; I’ve barely checked the programming, but it starts this Friday. Not the best ‘I wanna learn how to write’ stuff, but you get to check out local home-brewed talent of generally the more literary variety.

The Salvador Dali Exhibit opens the end of the month and the Winnipeg Art Gallery – let’s just say I managed to squeeze in studying some of him in my modernist literature class and I’m a little bit excited. After I see this, only the Frank Frazetta museum is left on my bucket list.
[/Frazetta Girl in a Twiggy world]

Of course there’s lots more – I’m checking out symphony tickets for my mom’s birthday and Femfest seems to be in full swing – so if you’re sad summer is over but you want to do something artsy, I’m sure there’s something around Winnipeg you can check out.

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