Mental Health Break Update

23 Jan

So I mentioned in the last post that I was going to be off for a few days early January – long story short is that they shut down the high way on my first day off and I kept going in because, quite frankly, I knew it was a shot week and I’m a believer for when my family finally needs an ambulance, I want them to be fully stocked. I’m a 0.5, so I’m one of the first who gets called for sick and whatever, so it’s easy to pick up to full time.

I have been off for a week though – I didn’t mind before because I knew I had this block off and I just said ‘no’ for once – but there’s no way they shut the highways down, so we had adequate staffing and I don’t feel as bad.

Have I been writing? Yes – and not as much as I wanted, but I still got some done – I’m on the home stretch for the first of the two kid’s novels. They’re short, and they’ve been fun because I’ve been reviewing children’s media. I enjoy watching stuff with my sister’s kids, and from a technical point of view, I’ll watch just about anything if it’s animated well enough. I’m a geek that way.

I kind of got suckered into the family thing, as per the norm. I’m single and have no obligations save to the dog (who is rather exhausted due to our little staycation in extremely mild weather which involved lots of outside time) which works for me. I’m an INTJ, so even though I saw people lots, I find them draining (well, I find the drama draining).

So anyway – could have gotten a lot more stuff done – next to no editing was accomplished – but I got to see some people I haven’t, took in my first Jets game (they won 5-0!) and I feel a lot less burnt out, so mission accomplished, I guess. As per my post on facebook though about the first step being about your attitude – I suppose I could be all pissy that I didn’t get to do X,Y, or Z, but short answer is I that I got the creative urge back and I think the first step in curing anything is the will to change.

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