KeyCon Round Up and Editorial FUN (In my mind)

19 May

I should really get on with updating that 2015 reading challenge, but my mouse I think I left at my parent’s house last week so doing anything in photoshop like, making simple red X’s through things will look even more bad than usual, and I have to go back to The Peg tomorrow for training, so hopefully I won’t get too bogged down shortly and update the list.

Been busy – May 2 was International Authors for Indies, which I was not a part of, finding out about it about a week before it happened and I’m pretty sure I was at work that day anyway. In a nutshell, I think it was about authors endorsing local indie bookstores, and I think the other point was shouting out to another author – all great things in my mind. I’m late to the party, so here’s a suggestion – if you’re a reader, go ask a reader of another genre what one of their favorite books in that genre is, or author. The mechanics of good writing are across the board and all genre-inclusive, and plus it’s a good way of usually scoring a free book loan.

Keycon was this last weekend – and I’ll throw out that I always end up working this weekend – two years ago, I used holidays to get the weekend off, and that has been my only weekend in memory that I was able to get off completely – granted, some times I’m busy doing other stuff and I still ended up working almost 30 hours in two nights (12 hour shifts, 2.5 hours overtime Sunday morning and 3 hours Monday morning) but I know what I signed up for – the snow, however, was a bit of a downer, but I at least listened and didn’t plant a garden yet. Poor, poor dad… Ahem, yeah. I was kind of overtired this weekend.

Ahem. I went to the writer planning meeting back in March(?) but was on no panels – but I got to have Liana K, from the Ed the Sock Fame, give me a quick blue pencil-session on the beginning of a novel. I’m a fan, but I told myself I was only going to sign up if there was less interest. When I saw another author’s name I knew with another writer, I felt less guilty and figured feedback is feedback. She gave me two things I’d like to talk about, which are big topics and will be their own posts.

However, the one thing she was telling me was to take my time to world build, that in fantasy nothing is established. I know I can’t compare novels, because ToO is published and this one isn’t – I wrote ToO in a specific style, but the across-the-board complaint is that it takes too long for the book to start – which for me is neither here nor there, because I read epic doorstoppers and CanLit and things were very little if anything happens, and I’ll try not to be an exposition-info-dumping different because hey exotic totes-not-exploitation sort in the future – anyway, she gave me honest feedback and let’s all be honest – beginnings are difficult. As a reader I plum don’t care because as I said above – but Special Snowflake over here isn’t an acquisitions editor. As I’m walking away, I’m thinking to myself, “Yeah… instead of starting later, like she said and starting with an epic image, I could start even earlier…” my brain did a little divulge-smack-the-rest-o-me, reminding me that the novel started out AS backstory – and the part I gave her, was written at the tail end to flesh out the villain to better parallel the protagonist. You know, back story of back story. I keep doing this, darn it.

So I can no longer make fun of anyone for writing appendices. I do it in the opposite direction.

Oh well. I had fun chatting with the other vendors, and Ron got on some panels. We’re slowly telling people that no, I am not the publisher and we are not a self-published venture, but we have to change our table, as Ron has now signed two books with a new publisher. Of course, I’m still dragging my feet on self-publishing, I think I have to give it another go-over, jump right in and expect people to tear into me, because it seems to be happening anyway, and just learn from the experience. If I can walk into dangerous situations on the job, which once again, I signed up for, I should be able to do this.

The tax write offs are just a benefit to my ego taking a beating. Ah well – there’s objective and subjective complaints about books, so here’s hoping I’ve learned this – I figured I’ve been writing for 18 years, having completed my first novel at the age of 14. Who knew?

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