2015 Reading Challenge

21 May

Yeah yeah, update it more often. This is going to get a lot harder.
Book Recommended by a Friend: The Kill Order by James Daschner
A Book with a One Word Title – Enslavement by Melinda Friesen
A Book Turned into or Based on a TV Show – The Book of Negros by Lawrence Hill
A Book You Own but Never Read – Skirmish by Michelle Sagara West
A Book Set in a different Country – Silent Symmetry by JB Dutton

Okay – disclaimer on Skirmish – I’ve had the book for about two years, and I think I kept picking it up to start and then I get about four books on loan. I love the series, but I’m never in any rush to read anything, unless someone asks me to review something. (Plus I if I have a loan, I want to return that first) I have Battle sitting on my shelf. War is out in hardcover, but we’ll see if we get around to that one this year. I like to collect them in whatever format I started. Fussy librarian, I also hate it when they change cover styles mid series. But yeah – if you have a hankering to get invested in an ongoing series, read the Sun Sword Series by Michelle Sagara West – or start with the Hunter’s Duology – then sink your teeth into the Spin Off. I got them recommended to me more than ten years ago, and still reading.

You’ll also notice I have books read that aren’t on the challenge – like I said, the easy ones are pretty much done. Let’s see what I can fake 🙂

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