Reading Update

5 Oct

This is getting trickier and trickier as we go along, mostly because I got loaned a bunch of books I need to return, plus I was kind of sick last month (as in, still not 100% but this is best I’ve felt since before the end of August). I’ve read more than what’s on the list, but figured I should at least update this and keep it kind of legit. I know it’s screwed up but I don’t care enough to go back and figure out who and what. I have more books sitting on my shelf that will finish my year off-challenge without reading any more Afro-futurism – which I totally said I was going to keep doing – but it’s kind of nice to be pushed outside what I’d normally pick. Also, I know I could have used The Maze Runner for the trilogy but didn’t because there’s a prequel – I have a set of 4 books, so even though that’s not really a trilogy, I think I’ll count it (I was going to finish the final 3 books in The Black Cauldron and make that a trilogy – so yeah, really fudging things to make them fit).


A Book from an Author you love but haven’t read yet – Battle by Michelle West
A Book Set in a Different Country – Hawk by Marie Powell
A Book from your Childhood – Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montegomery
A Book a Friend Recommended – Treasure of the Sarah Madder by R.J. Hore

Okay, R.J.’s not really my friend but close enough – he wrote it. Anne of Green Gables I picked up specifically for the ‘book from your childhood’.

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