Nanowrimo, Self Pubbing, C4 Comic Con, and Where I’m at

26 Oct

So it’s been a crazy few weeks – let’s just say that life marches on with EMS, and I’ve been happily getting all the OT I want since about, oh, Mid May. A little burnt out, but since my goals have been predominantly getting my finances in order to get that down payment, I can deal with a little bit of that.

I mentioned last year that I was going to self-publish, then chickened out. I still have the cover – my sister is still reading it and giving me feedback. I’m tempted to move ahead with a different title I had edited, but I’ll be honest – that was more about checking out my mistakes. I have a beta reader (er, alpha reader?) but I’ll be honest – I don’t have a big social network of people willing to help me out, so I’m on my own. The feedback I do get is the equivalent of going to a writer’s group – which is great if it wasn’t personal. So yeah – nothing new from me for now. RJ Hore and I will be at comic con, hocking books – I am supposed to have the weekend off, but I feel obligated to protect my territory, so if I look tired, assumed I worked the night before.

Hopefully I will convince someone from the editor’s guild to let me in on a class of editing. I know it’s not the same as getting a fresh set of eyes to look things over – and you’d think this BA in English would give me some confidence – but not so much. I actually did a lot of mental unpacking at the provincial EMS conference yesterday – good things for the most part, but I honestly haven’t been working towards publishing, so to rush out a project (which has been sitting there for a year, I know) wouldn’t make me happy or be to the quality level I want to get it to. I have been working on getting stuff ready for submission – once that’s all out in the email, I can maybe refocus and then just put something out there as a test, and see how it works.

But yeah, Nano’s around the corner. I’m split between wanting to do two very different sequels (one in a long standing fantasy series, the other in a kid’s steampunk world) and then there’s this new fantasy novel I keep plugging away at in hard copy. I make no commitments right now, other than that I’m in and that my user name is Ciage. I will update that cover image too (kitties are cute, but I think it’s been there for a few years).

I know I could update the reading challenge, but I think now I’m just procrastinating. I should probably get back to that editing.

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