Just a Quick Update on Canadian Reading and What I’m Reading and Why

29 Feb

If you at all follow what I’m reading – you might notice more books on mental health in the next little while. I don’t want anyone to worry about me; I’m trying to better understand mental health issues and be more empathetic. If you follow me on FB, I do post things on First Responders, Mental Health, PTSD, and related issues. I want to let people know that if you confide in me, I will do my best to keep that confidence. I think the term “mental health” is a loaded idea – and that even though there are issues in my own family, we all handle them in our own way. For me, I get walking depression – but if I’m able to exercise and do art (in addition to getting food and adequate sleep, hah), I can control it. I can check my mental attitude.

The Big But though, is that I know how my mind works. What I’m able to do doesn’t work for everyone. Honestly, when I did the ASIST First Aid suicide course last year, it made me realize that 1) Real Empathy is Hard 2) I hate being vulnerable.  Don’t get me wrong – I can share stories and really talk about myself like a boss (I understand you because I blah blah blah…) but to really try to tap into someone and get them to open up is a genuine skill I’m trying to hone.

Anyway, enough about that for now. For Canadian Books by Canadian Authors – if you like something YA and Steampunk, try Maddie Hatter and the Case of the Deadly Diamond. If you want Alternate History that is technically fantasy, try From the Mountains of Ice. If you want Historical Fiction centering on Winnipeg – try Ravenscraig. I’m not done Ravenscraig, but I probably will be later this week and I have two more local authors to talk about in March when I get to their books. I’m pretty all three of the lady authors above are Canadian – at least they’re through Canadian publishers. I don’t really do that much background checks if I can’t figure it out quickly.

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