Busy Month, Evidently

29 Apr

Just a quick update, and giving my monthly Canadian Author sphiel. I only got to finish Quantum Night by Robert J. Sawyer – I think the book is great for starting a discussion no matter where you stand on the political spectrum and I highly recommend it for book clubs. Currently reading The Heart at War, which is also by a Canadian Author, but I haven’t finished it. Yes, it’s book 3 in a trilogy and I haven’t read the first two. When people loan me books to talk about them, I just try to read them in a timely manner. She lives in the UK. Mea Culpa.

Another Winnipeger self-published her book – I haven’t had a chance to read it yet,  Holly Geely says she’ll be at Keycon, so if you’re going hard copy book over ebook, you can pick up a copy there. I have two more non-fiction books to read and then I really want to read Republic of Thieves. It’s been on my shelf for a while. Eeeep.

What have I been up to? Work actually hasn’t been that bad and I had a bit of vacation (the stay at home, clean my yard sort), but I was kinda sick and it was rainy out for that weekend so I picked up anyway. I feel better now and I’m trying to get the garden set up. My sister gave me a solitary pollen bee next, so I’ll post pictures as it gets filled up. I finished that novella that turned into a novel, but it needs a lot of work. I guess I should go back and finish polishing it, but the weather’s beautiful out there. Right now, my goal is to get started on the next project and finish up rewrites for a kid’s novel and start submitting.

If you’re available on May 7th though, I’ll be at the Local Author Fair at the Millenial Library. There’ll be lots of people from Winnipeg and Manitoba, so there’s no knowing who you might discover.

I guess that’s it for procrastinating, as I have to get back to my con-ed for my lil’ ol’ paramedic license. Joy.

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