WWC Round Up

18 Aug

I’m writing this from the Portage la Prairie Library, so I shall be brief. My HP keyboard is, shall we say, Kaput, so it seems to me rather than fixing something I didn’t like as much as my Acer, to spend the extra $$ and get a new laptop. This would normally be something that was done and done, but I switched shifts to help a coworker weekend before last, and I haven’t had a lot of time to go shopping. My tech-guy (dad) has likewise been busy so even if I ran out and bought a laptop, I need to get word on it so I can get to editing what I need.

But anyway, WWC was once again a blast. It went by too fast, and while I tried to do Ron justice when I was in on his panels, the first one (Series, Trilogy or Sequel) I honestly felt nervous, until I started to talk. Granted I’m next to the guy who never had to pitch and has a 14 book contract, and I can’t get anyone to look at my middle grade without condescending looks (who knew kids’ books were the true gatekeepers?) but I kept myself pretty busy, and learning from the previous year, I didn’t want to miss anything so I snuck out during keynotes 1) To go to the gym 2) To go to Safeway and get food. Don’t get me wrong: I love eating pub food and it’s delish at Boomtown, but 1) I need quick food on the go and 2) I’m sitting in a conference all weekend. Going to the gym keeps me from fidgeting; I don’t need as big a meal as they provide unless we’re being active.

Friday saw me mostly getting settled and hanging out with my Publisher, and I got my hard copies of Ron’s books (which I have given him; I have ebooks and they’re easier to read at work, on account that most medics apparently like to live in darkness) he’ll sign ’em and I’ll be able to proudly put them on display. I then went to panels, I focused on horror, because I didn’t really grow up with the stuff and I’m curious about huge fans of the market, on account that if anything, I’d fit into somewhere along the lines of rough sci-fi and the more epic fantasy. I don’t have time to go into each panel (I have a max of an hour on this thing and have a schwack of business emails I need to do) so that’ll hopefully be next post which ideally won’t take forever. Friday I was tired, as I came off a night shift and one of my coworkers was kind enough to come in early so I could sneak off and not get saddled with like, a last minute call. I crashed and got up early to go to the gym, because I knew that my internal clock was set for night work and the hour time difference didn’t help.

So two of the panels I was on took place on Saturday, and I got better after the first one. I probably wouldn’t have gone to the steampunk banquet (other than my shirt I ordered online just apparently is shipping now, grumble) but I wanted to see the Aurora Awards. Have to admit, I rather enjoyed the costumes and parasol dueling. I’m still trying to get a stain out of my silk blouse (is it whisky? Is it au jus?) but I met a bunch of authors for the multi-group signing, and once again, got up early for the gym. Final panel was first thing in Sunday morning, and then I was a free agent. Got some great feedback on some of my latest projects in Blue Pencil, and did my best to pitch projects that aren’t right for Champagne. Went to the Dead Dog afterwards, and I was pretty zonked by the end of it, because it seemed like people cleared out of the con early on Sunday, I probably would have spent time in the hot tub or waterslide, but I went for a walk and showed up in time to chat and grab some pub food with the remaining authors.

Monday I didn’t go to the gym because I was getting back early enough that I thought I’d be able to squeeze in a cycle to the Assiniboine Park. Serves me right when the weather turned foul in Winnipeg! It’s been really touchy, hot days with nice storms preceding (we lost power for a few hours last night) and I had to get up early to cover another shift first thing in the morning, so I didn’t hop on my stationary by the time I showed up at my house.

All in all, busy busy – and I don’t like that I’m so busy all the time, especially with work. So I decided I’m cutting back to regular full time hours (which still works out to 84 hours biweekly) at least until I get better, because when even the grocery clerk says “you look tired” after I just got back from four days off, something’s gotta change. I’m back on nights tonight and the next, and then I’m off to Moosejaw until Monday, so Tuesday will see me probably getting a laptop from Costco. But I’m thinking I haven’t done P90X in a while, I should get back on that, my ‘rest day’ can be Day 1 of work (the sad part about EMS is that if you work out right when you get home, you can be wired and not sleep properly at night) and once I’m caught up on my sleep, I can try waking up early to bang off a quick 20 minute cycle. The weather has been beautiful so if I can workout outside I think I will, but I think it’s time for a bit of varied fitness and in general, focusing on art, not work.

So that was a bit of a meandering post. Here’s what I’m reading, Spies and Subterfuge, The Queen’s Man, and The Tattooed Witch. All Canadian.

I’ll post on a few of the panels I was in in another post, but I’m gonna wrap this up. ‘Til next time.

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