New Contract and NaNoWriMO

7 Nov

I mentioned on facebook that I had a new novel accepted for publication, but I’ll elaborate – it’s actually older than when I wrote Tower of Obsidian. It’s a prequel to a series I started in Junior High (and believe me – if you don’t like my writing now, you should have seen it then). When I first got signed to Champagne, I was encouraged to send in other completed novels. I wasn’t sure if the older stuff suited Burst’s Imprint, so it wasn’t until I was at WWC that I asked Ellen in person if she objected to a longer book (about 132k) let’s just say once upon a time in my fervor, I once managed to write a 300k brick, which I know is actually not that bad if you happen to be good. I like epic bricks, but even I knew it needed work. So that book is sold, and I sent in another novel. I’ll give it a wait before I send in the main course of the series, mostly because I’m slowly editing through something I’ve had edited… lots.

I blame work. I keep having slow days and then I drive all night. Thing is, I pop open my laptop to work at work, and we get assigned on something usually not serious, but time consuming. The good news, though, is that the casuals are quite happy to pick up the extra shifts, so I haven’t had any OT in about two weeks now. It feels great to go in for normal shift hours.

So if you’re friends with me on NANOWRIMO website and are all like, “And you haven’t updated why?” It’s because I’ve been editing. And I know I overthink things and it’s no one’s fault but my own. I think a big part of my problem with writing is that I find it hard to consistently get my work to a quality I like. I talked to my sister about it – the two types of readers tend to either not even notice or get self righteous over small things. I think a big part of it stems from that most media isn’t directed to people like me – books and movies for women and girls tend to be light-hearted and usually focus on relationships, whereas I like quests and adventures and characters I can relate to. So I want to do the media right, all the while knowing nothing is perfect.

So what’s it about?

It’s a sword-and–sorcery novel entitled Witchslayer’s Scion, which follows a young man’s quest for vengeance when his brother is ritually murdered. Cue a more complicating factor (my cliche, among backstory for backstory) that shows his bloodline is tied into the men that targeted his family. I originally wrote the story to flesh out the main series’ anti-hero old guy (who, very early on, started out as a villain), because I was concerned his backstory was too similar to another character’s, but while there are similarities, I was able to flesh out a very different motive for a very different character, and because the focus is different (and we go to a very different time and place) it has a very different feel. So after I send this bad boy in, I have a short to finish, a nanowrimo to start, then I guess I wait until I hear back from the other novel (I do hate flooding publishers) to get the other book sent. Then I suppose I have enough life experience to rethink Terran, my cyberpunk novel from a few years ago.

My niece is finally reading that kid’s book I wrote her. She likes it, and has decided she wants to write ‘chapter books’ when she’s older.

Love that kid.


Oh, and it turns out I *did* finish a book by a Canadian Author in October. I’m pretty sure I met Brenda at Canadian Mennonite University’s YA writing week back in 2010. I suspect this, because this is bang on to a segment of a story we talked about then. It’s not my normal read, but give The Art of Rebellion a Shot. So far, I’m the jerk who has given it the lowest rating.

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