So Long, 2016

2 Jan

Hope you and yours are having lovely holidays– as for me, I’m working and looking forward to four days off following tonight’s shift. Let’s just say, locally, we got a heck of a lot of snow, with apparently more on its way tonight.

I didn’t post online my goals for 2016, and artistically there weren’t anything specific other than continue with writing and drawing, and I did get quite a bit accomplished. Absolutely zero feedback on the younger YA and Middle Grade stuff I’ve written, but I did sell another novel to Champagne Books. As soon as they get back to me on the Gothic Steampunk novel, I send in the next book in the series. Don’t want to flood the editors, but I think my goal is to get these YA steampunk books out. I just finished the second book, written because I wanted to go deeper into the characters, several of which I felt weren’t as developed in the first book as they could have been.

The nice thing is this year I paid off my student loans. I have saved up and am officially able to go and look for a house. I still have a bit of consumer debt, but I need to take a vacation – even if it’s not going any where, but I am thinking that I have a passport, just have a bit more stuff to do around here, and then I will use up my equivalent of two weeks and go somewhere – I was going to go last year, but the winter was honestly extremely mild. I have to figure out what I want, and I’m supposed to start editing my new novel under contract next month. My best guess is I should go away for about a week, and take another week off to get the editing done.

So did I get as much as I wanted accomplished in 2016? Nope – honestly, it feels like I’ve become a bit boring. I have been working a heck of a lot to get ahead, and honestly, sometimes I wonder for what. It would be nice to take up a martial art or do archery more regular or even get back into my high angle rescue stuff. The Rec Center on the base has opened up a climbing wall, so I’m hoping that I can go and get some certification in repelling (I have totally lost my gloves from when I was in fire college, my ziplining instructor certification is mucho expired). The other goal, after I find a house, is get me a kayak. Which is strange, because this summer I think I kayaked the least since my dad made his purchase about three summers prior. Then again, the OT has dried up since November and I really can’t complain as I’m enjoying the seemingly ‘normal’ hours. Then I accepted a shift tonight. Weee. Ah well – it’s in MacGregor so I’ll probably get a chance to write and edit. I’ll figure out what sort of personal reading challenge I should do, as right now I’m listening to non-fiction audiobooks and then another non-fiction book on loan.

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