Editing Update

25 Sep

So I lied – I’ll talk more about Paul: Apostle of Christ in the next update. More specifically, one of my writing weaknesses: Setting.

I’ve been a very busy little goomba and I do not yet have a publishing timeline. However, I’m just about done edits for my Steampunk-Horror Novel and after talking to my publisher, the novel I’ve entitled Witchslayer’s Scion is one whole novel. I wrote a supplemental novella in addition to the  sequel, but both of which require copious amounts of editing prior to a real editor fixing it.

Can’t blame work so much as enjoying summer. I screwed up what I want to say is my gluteus medius this January (not fun) and it’s still kinda giving me grief. I think I’ve been in denial about my ankle long enough, and if I’m right basically that means it’s screwing up my posture. Hasn’t stopped me from zipping off to the lake and getting in as much kayaking, swimming, and general shenanigans. The first day of fall was a few days ago and we got snow. Not enough to stick, and my tomato plants are safe, but still – snow! I’ve also been vigilantly looking for a house. I have the down payment, have paid down my student loans, leaving me with basically a car loan and what I’ll call “stupid spending”. I really want to be closer to family and friends in a town called Elie, but it’s been a hard deal so far – it’s a commuter town. My honest guess is I’ll throw my hands up in the air and probably buy in either Portage or Oakville in the spring

I know I probably shouldn’t be attaching myself to any more challenges, but I managed to participate in Inktober last year – mostly inking comics I photocopied. I’d like to do more of it this year, including some original art. I don’t post a lot of original art because I was forewarned not to do so when I just started writing. Typically, us young authors are masters of nothing and I’ll be honest, I kind of faked my knowledge of anatomy until about second year University. I don’t get to play around with conte and paint as much as I used to, so I figure even if I screw up and it takes me a few days to finish a piece, it’ll inspire the writing for NaNoWriMo.

Writing wise, I’m feeling science fiction for this NaNoWriMo. I have a few shorts to write for anthologies in mind, additionally to all the editing I have to do. Busy busy~

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