NaNoWriMo 2018, Inktober Fails, Goals

26 Oct

So I’m not sure if I mentioned it last blog post, but I hurt my arm on Oct 1. I basically let it heal, then my procrastination saw me not inking anything much at all. So basically, it’s a big fat fail. I was going to do my own art as well as from other comic pages, so I’m going to have to make it up some how.

Edits wise, let’s say I’m powering through two projects but I need to send something to my editor. I’ve also started work on the NaNoWriMo project – I know, you’re supposed to start fresh every year – but I’m a rebel and I’m less than 10k in a new novel and I’m mostly researching how to overcome obstacles in space. (Gravity, mostly) I never mind the Star Trek/Star Wars version where there’s simulated gravity in the ship, but I’m a nerd, okay?

So the first order of business is get Dreams of Mariposa back to my editor, followed by editing the sequel to Witchslayer’s Scion. I’m ironically on a stat day (shiftworker, we accumulate and I can take them much, much, much later) today so I came up with a system for me to keep track of my workouts, editing, and writing.

Basically I have a calendar which I keep updated because the shiftworker over here can’t keep track of her pick ups and swaps. The key thing for me is I have these little heart stickers on the calendar once a month for the dog’s heart worm medication. I’ve done workouts and just wrote “W” in the corner in a special marker and I’ve had basically Bingo Blackout, so I bought some shiny stickers and I’m not committing to which means which yet, but I know me and I’m going to get mad if there’s holes in my calendar.

So right now, here’s the goals:

End of Weekend: Dreams of Mariposa back to Franny

End of Month: Edits on a MG Book (Hard Edits)

November: 50K New Book

Also November: Edits on Magus’ Gambit (Soft Edits)

Year End: 2 Shorts and complete run-through on another novel that’s been sitting on the backburner.

Also do some inking some time, maybe like a once a week Ink Project.

If you’re curious what the difference between soft and hard edits are: Basically when Ron and I swap we give each other hard copies to work on. Soft edits are basically me going through the printed copy and making major sweeping changes. I then take the soft edits and make the hard (digital) edits. A “hard” edit is basically the “five times before it’s ready” edit. I’m not ashamed to show you a “hard” edit, but I know it could use tweaking. that isn’t to say that I couldn’t make some major changes afterwords, but generally speaking Ron’s job as a beta is to nitpick and find plot holes and other major issues. It’s my job to fix them.

Yes, editing its where the real magic happens.

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