NaNo’s off to a better start this year

14 Nov

I’ve been not working as much as I want to on the project, as I gave myself a few other challenges, both writing and personal. I’m not talking about “clean my spare room” (which I did, by the way) so much as “edit this short, clean up this draft” and “spend the money on the gym, as much fun as free youtube videos are” sort of thing. The problem I find with a creative personality is that I have tons of creative ambition, but the real good stuff comes from cleaning up and revision. I find that I can tweak a project for ever and not be satisfied.

Other authors do the three-pass rule. I think it has more to do with their writing process, because I’m usually a pretty quick writer (Dreams of Mariposa was an exception – it came slow) in terms of throwing out ideas and then trying to make sense in the narrative. I’m a lot faster than I used to be, because I think a big part of being a writer is having so many ideas that you want to utilize. Now that I’ve got several very different books and stories, I realize that the idea can be utilized – just not at that time or not in that book. I definitely can work very quickly and get things up to snuff in a shorter time than it normally takes, but I do like the idea of leaving a project alone for a few months.

As for the current WIP, I’m just under 20k, and I’m mostly concerned that the characters need a bit more personality. I have meant to put on more hard science fiction space movies, I haven’t seen Prometheus or whatever yet, my one coworker put on Disenchantment last night, which I’ll review later. Let’s say I’m not overly impressed.

But the good news is even though I’m not hitting some editing goals, I’ve been simultaneously rewriting something else, and I’m able to work on both projects more or less happily. I’m not convinced I’m going to hit all my editing goals by the end of the month, but I think barring this really like cold getting worse, I can’t see getting kicked on my butt and failing nano. It would be nice to have this revision project done by year end, but we’ll see what happens. I get vacation in January, and I’m still humming and hawing about traveling.

And if anyone’s curious how that little cat I got last year is doing – she is a sweetheart. A currently slightly bored, You Will Play With Me it’s too cold to go outside sweetheart, but Calypso is currently sleeping in her cat tree, with Dodger chilling out at my feet. All is well.

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