Oh Those Chickens

5 Feb



I won’t bore you to death about my trip. Had a great time, might have got some tendonitis in my right foot, have been back for just over a week and have gotten next to nothing done.

Shouldn’t say Nothing-Nothing. Pretty much sketched and drew for the past week.  Got relatively little written, and my editing plans have fallen by the wayside, as I haven’t been home much. Weather’s been super-cold (-42ish I’ve heard -49ish elsewhere in the southern part of the province) and we just got a ton of snow. I need to go home and at least shovel out the driveway, but I would like to get some organizing done and maybe get some groceries.

But if you’re considering a Hawaiian vacation and not sure what Island: I highly recommend Kauai. My uncle did Oahu and Kauai years ago; he said he liked both islands but we both agreed it’s nice to be on one that doesn’t have a lot of big cities and you can really disconnect. So, here’s some pictures. I took some video, but we’ll keep it simple here:



The underwater ones were taken while doing scuba diving. The snorkeling was actually pretty decent and I probably should have taken more pictures while I was snorkeling, but let’s be honest I am still learning how to use a GoPro (thanks for the loan, dad!)

Anyhew, it’s nice to be back and I’ve been pretty relaxed. I need to focus and get some work done, so even though I’m technically still on vacation til the weekend (either Friday or Saturday – I have a stat day pending) time to get back to work.

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