Dear Future Self; A Song of Ice and Fire

30 Mar

I know my publication record’s not been great – I’ve talked before about self publishing and while I have had two books under contract for the past two years, I haven’t been able to formalize any release dates. I get a bit of flack from other writers I see at shows, asking why it’s been at least five years since ToO’s release, why I haven’t really gotten anything else out.

The short answer is that I have been writing, but I’ve been a bit anal about the editing process. Not counting the two projects currently under contract with Burst Books that are with an editor (ball’s been in her court for a while) and I told myself I wasn’t going to bug them until I finished editing the sequel to Witchslayer’s Scion.

I’m still kind of working on it. I’m getting real close, and I’m off for a few days to a chalet where I’m going to have hours to work on it. I’ve been working on it and the current WIP (Science Fiction NaNoWriMo). The main problem is that I gave myself ample time between working on it and attending to other projects. I need to leave my future self better notes moving forward, to say the least.

If you follow me on Goodreads you’ll note that I’ve recently read both A Dance with Dragons and Fire and Blood. This isn’t for hype of the show (which I’ve now seen the first four episodes. I was waiting for Martin to finish the books first. I have the next six episodes I’ll watch at the chalet in between exercising and having my little artist retreat) so much as I wanted something long to read for my long flight to Hawaii. Of course, I couldn’t figure out how to upload books from the library in the eleventh hour, but I still read them while I was on vacation once I got back and played around with the tablet.  Yes, I’ve had an Ereader before, I ran into some technical difficulties more than a year ago and . If you’re curious why I didn’t just buy it, let’s just say the new style of covers doesn’t match my old style of covers. Yes, I’m someone who cares about that sort of thing for my library. I’ll probably do my best just to ensure they all match if and when the series concludes in book format.

Why I finally caved on the tv series: well, I’ll be honest and although I had no objections to the casting I wanted the book characters to stay the book characters in my head. I’m honestly feeling a bit of a creative dry spell in terms of drawing as well as working in detail for my novels. What I need to do is watch more science fiction and read more in that vein for Chimera (the WIP) but I am honestly kind of amazed at the massive scope of undertaking some of these movie and tv series take. I’m not just talking the writing (which is obviously super important) but back in my day we were (un)lucky to get a sequel, because they usually happened well after the movie (Star Wars, Indiana Jones were exceptions. Okay, now my brain is rattling off more but I can name more bad sequels than good sequels. Things like 8 Harry Potter movies would have been unheard of) and they were usually pretty terrible.

Of course, now I care more about the technical side of things. I pay attention to lighting and camera work, set design, costume, music. And of course, the writing. There’s a lot to unpack with Game of Thrones, my best guess is that Tyrion ends up ruling Westeros at series finale. I’m also guessing GRRM will veer away from the show: for all we know he’ll put Stannis on the Iron Throne. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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