Editing, NaNoWriMo, and thoughts on a certain Kitty Cat

1 Nov

Chilling out, handing out candy. Hating the fact that that I haven’t submitted my sequel to Witchslayer’s Scion to the publisher. I have less than twenty pages to go: and I haven’t finished it.

So Thanksgiving in Canada takes place in October, I’m told it’s because we have an earlier harvest season than the US but I always find it’s dueling with Halloween in popularity. We here in Manitoba had a heavy snowstorm that weekend, and apparently more than 100,000 people or homes were without power. I was effected for a little over 24 hours (I think I lost power at 5pm on the Friday and got it back Saturday by 9pm) but to the best of my knowledge, some people are still affected. There’s lots of people who live remote and the Hydro guys have been working non-stop. Now, to the best of my knowledge all the major towns and communities are at least running on back up diesel, but let’s just say I’m thankful this all happened when it was so mild.

Me, I used the BBQ to heat up some food and chilled out in my thermal wear. I like camping and all that jazz, it’s really not a big deal to conserve and have some fun without power when it’s still relatively mild. The only problem I had was, despite my charged up laptop, I initially had access to the internet and heard how bad it was. I thought I’d potentially be in the dark for a few days, and I had to work on the Sunday.


So I wanted to take this time to officially give a shout out to the Hydro guys. People look at me and firefighters and cops, but I think there’s more to it. I’ve been in blizzards and have been helped out by the highway crews clearing out a driveway to help us get the ambulance in. Tow truck drivers go out in the worst weather. One team. Let’s be honest, be smart, try not to need us First Responders, but I have nothing but respect for my brothers in arms working round the clock.


As for me, I threw my back out on Thanksgiving.  Some F***** hero.


Blarg. So you’d think with some time off, editing, writing, a utopia for the creative type. For one, I enjoy my job, but let’s just say I couldn’t sit in a chair for too long. Hopefully I’ll be back to my normal routine ASAP.

Anyhew, I’m on the mend and this wasn’t as bad as January 2018. I’ve got my project from last year to finish (Chimera) and I’m also wanting to make this sequelitis a trilogy – and I’m planning on making G&S an ebook in the next month. Busy busy.

And for those who’ve been paying attention, two years ago tomorrow I got me a certain kitty cat.


I’ll keep it brief – my parents aren’t exactly the most pet-loving people, but they tolerated dogs on behalf of me and my sisters growing up. We had cats when I was pretty young, and in hindsight, that was probably because 1) FREE 2) My mom seems to like them. Anyway, besides the little tiny mouse corpses, the fact she eats scones, the hilarious jealousy that Dodger goes through, the biggest surprise I get, is how much braver getting a cat made Dodger.


When I got Dodger, I’m not convinced he liked me. Actually, I’m pretty sure he was terrified, and has for the most part, been a giant coward. As for Calypso – not saying she’s not a Scaredy Cat. However, the day I moved here and she snuck out, I was worried she was gone forever and I found her out back, chilling out with the neighbor’s cat. Dodger has, since getting his new feline roommate, not only chased off cats giving Calypso grief, but also become in general more confident and more tolerant. I mean, he’s kind of trustworthy with trick or treaters. Who knew?

Anyway – recovering from an injury. Have a book worth of edits to do (Dreams of Mariposa). Have a book to submit (Magus’ Gambit). Got another to finish from last year’s NaNoWriMo (Chimera). Wanna make another one an ebook (Garnet & Silver). Bought myself some oil paints.  Desperately want to hit the gym.  Ron, Larry, and me are hitting up a craftsale (Mother of Dragons) on Saturday at the Wanakwa Community Center. Got any other plans to round out 2019?

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