NaNoWriMo 2019

25 Nov

So I’m not quite sonw updating today’s wordcount yet, but I’m almost at 30k with like a week to go. I’m on days as I write this, so I’ll have a little bit of more time to push to the end on my nights/days off.
The original goal was to finish last year’s project, Chimera, as well as get as much as I could into Rogue Healer 3, which really doesn’t have a good working title. I know it seems like I’m always busy, and I am – I’ve been recovering from this back injury and I finally got my replacement contact lenses. I’ve been going back and forth to Winnipeg pretty regularly, hitting the gym, and taking my time seeing people.
So my biggest word count day was done when I realized that if I finished the draft to Chimera, that it was going to suck for my beta reader. So I banged out a short story for our trade, and that was remarkably easy. The multiple project, multiple idea thing works out fine until I stare long and hard at Chimera, and wonder if it’s anything like other projects that I need to put aside, and come at it once I put some distance between me and the project. I mean, in the rough, ‘this is garbage but ideas are percolating’ phase it’s whatever. When I have to hand something in to your beta reader, I kind of have standards. I read a bunch of classic science fiction this year and it hasn’t helped, so I’m going to watch some sci-fi. Maybe I’ll review some movies in the upcoming posts.
Honestly though, life’s been more relaxing since moving into the house as opposed to being in the PMQ. I have been paying off car repairs and while I’m not financially worried, I feel… comfortable, for the first time in a while.
Editing wise, I posted the cover for Dreams of Mariposa but as of yet I do not have a release date. I’m not sure how long that’ll take. I did learn to do Sygil, and it’s not that bad. I make some Ebooks for some shorts, so pretty much now that I sent off the sequel, I feel that I can relax and work on other, non-writing projects. I bought myself some oil paints for finishing Magus’ Gambit. I haven’t cracked them yet, mostly because I have spent time being social as opposed to being a complete recluse. I have an entire winter and now have room to paint, yay~
It’s a bit early to decide on new year’s resolutions. I should make it self pubbing some ebooks. Stop being a wimp and just do it. I have enough stuff sitting on the hard drive. I’ll check in next month – I wasn’t the biggest fan of The Last Jedi, but I am almost guaranteed to take my cousin and nieces and nephew to see it, so that’ll probably get a review in an around the new year. I’ll come up with something then, as well as decide what I’m doing for my January vacation. I’ll post in a few days whether or not I make the NaNo goal.

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