Back to Work

9 Feb

Went back to work last Monday, which coincided with the Launch Date of Dreams of Mariposa. There will be a Book Tour starting March 2, 2020. If you or anyone you know is up for participating, please go and sign up.

Didn’t go anywhere, that wasn’t to say I wasn’t tempted to hop in my car and boot it someplace, but between the pets and a family member being injured, it was kind of important for me to be hanging around. I might be able to go for a trip in April, but the other person has a few things in limbo, so it’ll be last minute and impromptu – kinda like my last vacation last year.

Wrote, edited, quite a bit; goofed off with oils and water colors less than I wanted – nothing to show, because I’m not particularly proud of anything but I am starting to remember the stuff I used to know. I was drawing more consistently, so my art’s generally improved but I’m leaning more towards ‘I product less crap more consistently’.

Writing wise, I gave myself a bunch of goals for different projects, only one of which I hit, with Rogue Healer 3 at this point at about 63-65 K (I cut out a large segment, I’ll probably use slivers of it as a flashback but I’ll figure that out later) but I did get quite a bit done on the novella, which was nice but it’s still kind of percolating and I’m in no rush to deal with it. My goal is to do a rewrite of a novel and send it of to the publisher in March; it’s one of the earliest novels I’ve ever written, I think it’s salvageable.

Fitness wise, I broke my exercise bike last week, but it looks like a piece that can easily be fixed. I was mostly consistent, but like I said, it was kind of important I was around for a family related issue, so I’m not gonna beat myself up for not being 100% on target. The Achilles tendon on the right foot is still acting up a little bit, but I find if you focus on what you can’t do you’re miserable, and there was plenty I could do, so I focused on that. Lots of weight lifting and swimming.

So here’s some February Goals:

Water Color a Few Covers for Shorts (which I *think* I’ve got the code done for). I can make some really lousy covers in paintshop, might as well learn to paint and make some basic covers.

Get Garnet and Silver: A Faerie Tale ebook formatted. Honestly I’m probably gonna have to bite off and hire someone once I’m convinced it’s good. I’m not worried about messing up a little code for a short, but, a novel? That’s just annoying.

Ink Map. I’m one of those people who whine they never get good at inking, and then go months upon months without inking. Considering we’re supposed to launch Witchslayer’s Scion in April, I better get on that.

Rogue Healer 3 to 90k. This is doable. I’m only doing 1.5k a day and I’m on track. I could go faster, but I have other things that need to be done.

Chimera Rough: Percolate! Brain, do your thing! I find doing things non-writing related help; mostly mindless things like swimming laps and hiking. Honestly though, I’m going to hit a hump with Rogue Healer 3 (very similar hump with the novella, TBH) typically, the way to beat one hump is to hit another hump.  While I’m at it, finish that novella.


So the first week of February’s done but we get a bonus day. Doable, right?

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