February Round Up

10 Mar

Gotta love that I do these well into a week into March.

So my goal was to get Rogue Healer 3 to 90k – long story short is that it’s nowhere near that but it’s not bad, but I honestly didn’t do much with it in February. It’s not that I have articles to write for the book promo, it’s that I’ve been busy with other creative projects. I seem to pick a ‘thing’ and stick with it. That basically means, water color, inking, and sigil. Not so much oils, but I bought a better paint thinner for inside so if I don’t pick up OC I may goof around with it tonight.

Sigil – am feeling confident in it! I think I’m going to redo the novel I’ve been working on in an established style sheet, but when I format different projects to make a makeshift anthology, they look consistent.

Water Colors – Talk about the hardest of the painting mediums to use. I’m definitely more an oils worker.

Inking – Well, this has never been my forte but the maps are looking consistently better.

We got three weeks left in March and I am using up the last of my stat days so I’ll have a little bit of extra time. Also, we haven’t heard about Cook’s Creek Medieval Fest and whether or not we can sell books, but I want to try my hand at costume making. Something fun, I promise.

End of the Month Ron, Larry, and I will be at the Mother of Dragons craft sale. Dreams of Mariposa will not be in print; if I really push I can have a self pubbed book but I doubt if I ordered it today I would have them in less than three weeks so I’m not going to stress. It takes place at the St. James Civic Center – where I learned to swim! – and is the last event before they majorly overhaul the place.

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