Covid-19, 2020

18 Mar

Well, that escalated sharply in the past week locally.

Don’t get me wrong: We’ve all known about Corona Virus for a while. Healthcare worker here – we’ve been screening for those who have traveled internationally. I put off my travel until next month, because my niece and cousin were going on a band trip to Alberta and my aunt and I were planning a trip to Hawaii. Let’s say: That’s scrapped. I’m not a Trudeau fan, but let’s say I support closing up the border and getting our people home.

So basically we’re all being encouraged to socially isolate. Fun thing is, paramedic here is going to be going to business as usual as well as contaminated folk who don’t know they’re contagious. I just found out we had our first cases confirmed from people outside of Winnipeg.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell people to be kind, love each other, and take care of those most in need. If I were to reframe this as a writing/art getaway with no distractions, then I’d be all gung ho. I’ve got plenty of work to do and I keep thinking of new projects for myself.  The frustrating part is being told to stay home as opposed to helping at the moment, but I think things might get nuts on our end for the next little while.

If you’re abosolutely strapped for stuff to do and have no resources besides the internet, look up Project Gutenberg. They offer a ton of free old Ebooks within the public domain, and you can read them on your phone, computer, or tablet.

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