Summer Holidays and Writing Update

21 Jul

Time flies when you’re on vacation! It wasn’t like the usual where I had the entire block off – I live in an area where I can do On Call from my house, but I’ve also picked up two easy shifts and did a trade to help out a coworker. That being said, I feel like I got a lot accomplished. The first ‘day off’ was pretty much me cleaning my house and getting stuff in order so that I could enjoy the days off, and I’ve been able to keep it mostly clean with maintenance. I’ve been out kayaking at least six or seven times so far this summer; basically if the weather is good I’m outside unless I’m writing. A little behind on the gardening, and I still have some home repairs to do before the fall, but the way I see it is we have six weeks left until September.

Writing is definitely coming along better. I have a bit for a short and it’s finished (the fight scene – fun stuff for me; typically I write the fun stuff first but in this case I worked sort of backwards as compared to where I typically work) thing is, my plan was to finish the draft of Rogue Healer 3 before July, and as per the norm with this series everything’s taking longer than usual, but then things start to work and I’m feeling good about the draft. I beat the dreaded hump. The issue staring me in the face at the moment is that I have several ideas and I know I don’t have enough time to adequately explore them, so it’s picking what I want to emphasize on. I’ll talk about the dreaded hump/finishing a story in another post; right now I could see this easily ballooning up to a 200k novel. The first two are both around 135k, and I’ll go a little over, but I’d rather not go above 150k if I can help it. The publisher will probably want it split into two books, for starters, and the ‘issue’ I see at hand is that the weaving together of multiple character POV’s is if you take too long, it feels like you were invested in what happened to them and then you don’t see them for 100 pages or so. I’ve done it before, and with that novel I ultimately decided I had two real novels in there, so one plot’s been expunged in the rewrite.

Didn’t get any oil painting or even much drawing done; but the way I see it is I’m back for my nights this tour. I probably would have if I didn’t have that ‘home stretch writing itch’ but I also know I’m far from being done.  If I keep up with the pace, I’ll be done with around a 150k novel, and then rewrites after the Beta reads it will involved chopping.

Looking through my reading list: I’m actually ahead this year. It’s because audiobooks and I finally learned a few months ago that I can delay my intake for an ebook. In other words, I want something and it’ll take me say, two months to get it, but someone might finish early and someone else doesn’t want it, so I might get it in say, three weeks. I can delay the hold if it comes because I’m already reading something. Works for me, because the next person in line might as well enjoy it if it’s available.

But yeah: I’m actually taking a stab out of my to-read pile on goodreads. It’s what happens when you haven’t seen your beta reader/book loaner or able to go into a bookstore and pick up something completely different. According to my math, if I do nothing but read the 600+ books on that list at 50ish books a year, that’s 12 years. Eeeee.

Corona honestly isn’t hitting my area as hard as it’s in other places; Manitoba is a relatively low population density area and we’re pretty hardy, self-sufficient people for the most part. It’s pretty much been business as usual for me and my job (paramedic) with a little bit more Body Substance Isolation precautions (fancy terminologies for masks, gloves, eyewear, gowns, etc).

As for the rest of the summer: When Words Collide is online this year. I have no idea how that will play out; I think I’m on nights most of that weekend. R.J. Hore and I will be at the Shelmerdine Farmer’s markets hawking books August 15, so if you’re feeling brave, come on down and see us. I told him if he’s got any concerns to cancel, so that’s our plan. So long as Manitoba numbers are low, we’ll be there.

As for me, back to my daily wordcount. Titan’s still rampaging.

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